Bar and girls mitzvah event

Bar and girls mitzvah event

Yad LaBanim holds an event for brides and grooms at the Western Wall, in collaboration with the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.

The exciting day begins with a festive entrance with a circle of drummers leading into the Western Wall plaza, then continues with an exciting family experience preparation in an impressive hall in the Western Wall tunnels together with a scribe just before laying tefillin and ascending to the Torah.

Through the program, the younger brothers and sisters connect to the Jewish sources and to an age-old tradition of writing satam. The family watches with great excitement the ceremony and writing a letter at the end of which the boy receives the framed card as a souvenir for a significant experiential and exciting event.  At the end of the writing, they march to the Western Wall towards the Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

Just before we met with the Rabbi of the Western Wall and the Holy Places, Rabbi Rabinowitz, who blessed the young brothers who had the opportunity to experience a unique experience at the Western Wall on their big day,  And also noted favorably the  The important activity of  The organization for the families.

We wish you, the children  That on this special day that you step into the world of adults, you will grow up to be pleasant people with good qualities, who will win all the good in the world and be a source of pride for your parents.

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