The new referral center of the IDF casualty system – Kesher Ad

The new referral center of the IDF casualty system – Kesher Ad

Dear families,

We would like to tell you about the “Kesher Ad” center – the new referral center for the IDF casualty system.

The center is staffed by casualties and is an address for the bereaved families in everything required of the IDF – for example:

  • Request for information – Requests for locating an archive file about your late loved one 
  • Registrations for vacationers and seminars in Olga
  • Registrations for the ceremonies of the units
  • Linking and connecting with the unit of your late loved one and, if necessary, with the casualty officer
  • Response to IDF recruitment processes 
  • Additional topics as needed


The casualty lineup and the Yad LaBanim organization are here at your service.

Details of the call center and hours of operation are attached.

The center will work 

Sunday through Thursday 

Between 08: 30-18: 00


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