Who we are

Yad LaBanim was founded in 1949, immediately after the War of Independence. Is the sole representative organization that works to commemorate the victims of the Israeli military and inheritance and to care for the bereaved families.

The organization helps families establish a living heritage in their honor. Provide assistance, guidance and counseling to families from all sectors of Israeli society, and create an embracing and supportive community at every stage of their lives.

The organization has about 13,000 members, 64 branches and 7 districts nationwide. Members of the organization count volunteers who are bereaved parents and siblings.







Annual activities

Chairman of the organization

Eli Ben-Shem, Chairman of Yad LaBanim

Eli Ben has been the chairman of the Yad LaBanim organization since 1999.

A son who lost his late son Kobi in the helicopter disaster. Ben-Shem’s story is a story of many years of struggle, growing out of difficulty and working for the common good.

The purpose of the organization is to commemorate the victims of the Israeli systems, to pass on their heritage and to care for the bereaved families.

Ben Shem began his activities out of a sense that caring for bereaved families did not suit their needs, worked to increase family allowances, recognize bereaved siblings, establish clubs for bereaved parents across the country with an emphasis on different population sectors, and expand trips and leisure activities.

Ben Shem was born in 1950 and in his private life is involved in real estate.

Headquarters of the organization

Management and secretariat of the organization

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