Activities of the organization

Activities of the organization

A gift for the Israeli holidays

For the holidays of Passover and Rosh Hashanah, we chose to give a personal and pampering gift to the members of the organization, in order to strengthen the closeness and sense of togetherness between us.


Housing accommodations

The Nicolas Bauman Foundation, through Yad LaBanim, subsidizes housing for bereaved parents in need.

bar mitzva
Brothers and Sisters

Bar and girls mitzvah event

Yad LaBanim holds an event for brides and grooms at the Western Wall, in collaboration with the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. The exciting day begins with a festive entrance with a circle of drummers leading into the Western Wall plaza, then continues with an exciting family experience preparation in an

Brothers and Sisters

Recruitment Conference

As every year, a conference is held for the population accompanied by the array of casualties. The conference is intended for boys of bereaved families who are brothers and orphans of IDF martyrs.

Brothers and Sisters

Project “Perach”

A national social impact program designed for bereaved siblings from first to twelfth grade run by students across the country studying at universities receiving scholarships. The purpose of the initiation is to help the bereaved siblings in the field of studies, social activities and more.

Cultural events

The organization holds cultural and leisure events for members of the organization such as: plays.

Benefits from the Nicolas Bauman Foundation

In accordance with the provisions of the will and in accordance with the decision of the fund’s trustees, the fund will distribute a total of up to NIS 2,900,000 in 2022, for the provision of scholarships and benefits to bereaved siblings and orphans. Details by clicking here.

Scholarship distribution event and wedding gift

A festive ceremony for the distribution of scholarships to bereaved sisters, brothers and parents and marriage grants. This is a unique evening that was all given to siblings and parents as part of the hug that we in the organization adhere to every day, hour by hour, out of recognition

Family reunion in Israel and abroad

Meeting of families in Israel and abroad Trips in Israel and around the world for families An information page for those leaving for Morocco – traditionalists The main points for the expatriates of Morocco, a traditionalist class


We are happy to interest you in an innovative program of ‘Yad Labanim’ in collaboration with the ‘Pershim’ project. The activity on the ship enables the development of personal resilience and life skills following loss and trauma, in a relaxed, accepting and free atmosphere. What’s in the program? Throughout the

Brothers and Sisters

Olga on the sea

Seminar 3 full days of sibling activities in workshops of, creation, dance, conversations with qualified therapists. At the seminar the brothers cooperate and are committed to getting into all the activities. The seminar is also for the brothers’ spouses, most of whom take an active part during the workshops. In

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers Conference

In the month of December, on one of the days of Hanukkah, the brothers’ conference is held every year, the conference brings together brothers from all over the country. About 1000 brothers participate in the conference Each year a theme is chosen for the conference. Brothers tell about the brother

Summer camp for members of the mitzvah

Legacy Summer Camp 2022 In July, a delegation of bereaved and orphaned brothers left  to Capital Camp in the United States on behalf of FIDF.  Along the way of the expedition were regular soldiers, who are also bereaved brothers who passed through the military in order to leave. In the delegation