Discover the ways that Yad Labanim brings light and purpose back into the lives of families who have lost a loved one.

There’s always something happening at Yad Labanim. We commemorate our loved ones and validate their sacrifice by committing ourselves to lives of meaning and purpose, which includes fun and laughter as well as education and reflection. 

News from Yad Labanim

The 2020 Yad Labanim Elections

In January 2020, elections were held to select the Yad Labanim chairman and committee members.
Eli Ben Shem was elected for his sixth term. For Eli Ben Shem, volunteering is a way of life and he has spent the past 21 years helping the bereaved families and received the Presidential Award.


Youth delegation to the USA

Children who lost older brothers in combat get ready to travel to adoptive communities in the US, for a summer of friendship, new experiences, and the chance to recharge their batteries for a new year. 

helicopter disaster

Inauguration of the access road to the helicopter disaster monument

Together with the Ministry of Defense and the JNF, Yad Labanim opened an improved access road to the memorial of the 73 soldiers killed in a helicopter crash. The new road makes the monument accessible for all.

Help bereaved families get the support they need, and be their driving force in moving forward in life