Olga on the sea

Olga on the sea

Seminar 3 full days of sibling activities in workshops of, creation, dance, conversations with qualified therapists.

At the seminar the brothers cooperate and are committed to getting into all the activities.

The seminar is also for the brothers’ spouses, most of whom take an active part during the workshops.

In cooperation with the IDF, the Ministry of Defense and Yad LaBanim.

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Benefits from the Nicolas Bauman Foundation

In accordance with the provisions of the will and in accordance with the decision of the fund’s trustees, the fund will distribute a total of up to NIS 2,900,000 in 2022, for the provision of scholarships and benefits to bereaved siblings and orphans. Details by clicking here.


The program operates under the Topaz Association (AR) and takes place on a unique ship, which was brought to Israel

Cultural events

The organization holds cultural and leisure events for members of the organization such as: plays.