When a soldier dies during army service, Yad Labanim steps in to support the family with financial, emotional, and practical assistance.

their stories


Batsheva Kenigsberg

Batsheva Kenigsberg’s brothers, Shlomo and Shimon Kenigsberg, were killed during the Six-Day War, while her son, Colonel Dror-Yitzchak Weinberg, staff commander in the elite special reconnaissance unit Sayeret Matkal, was killed in 2002.

Batsheva speaks to schoolchildren and youth groups about the legacy and values of her brothers and her son. Despite the tragedies she experienced, Batsheva chose to live with meaning, sharing her message with young people across Israel.

eyal ben melech

Eyal Ben Melech

Eyal’s brother, Gili Ben Melech, was killed in 2002 while serving in the army. Eyal had also lost his oldest brother at the age of 9.

12 years after Gili’s death, Eyal decided to organize a special trip for bereaved siblings in Gili’s memory. The trip is a jeep tour that Gili always wanted to do, but didn’t get to go on before his death. 

Eyal named the tour “Journey of the siblings.” Eyal emphasizes that this isn’t a trip about loss, but a trip that celebrates life.

amichai itkis z"l

Meital Itkis

Meital lost two brothers during their army service. Barak, who died in 1998, was the captain of a Navy torpedo unit, and Amichai, a fighter pilot, died in 2010. 

Meital organized a fundraising lecture in the US named “Between heaven and earth,” while her father arranged  musical evenings for bereaved parents. 

Together, father and daughter established a pre-army educational program in memory of Barak and Amichai, to prepare young people for a meaningful army service. 

These stories are just a taste of the numerous initiatives established by bereaved families to uphold the memory of their loved ones with the financial and emotional support of Yad Labanim.

how we help


Funding academic education and mentoring program for the bereaved siblings

Helping bereaved siblings reach their full potential by providing them with scholarships, paving the way to fulfill their self-potential and blending into the job market.

bar mitzva

Building a warm and supportive community

We support families rebuilding their future, helping them mark B’nai Mitzvahs, holidays and other major celebrations throughout their lives.