Bar and girls mitzvah event

bar mitzva

Yad LaBanim holds an event for brides and grooms at the Western Wall, in collaboration with the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. The exciting day begins with a festive entrance with a circle of drummers leading into the Western Wall plaza, then continues with an exciting family experience preparation in an impressive hall in the Western […]

Project “Perach”

A national social impact program designed for bereaved siblings from first to twelfth grade run by students across the country studying at universities receiving scholarships. The purpose of the initiation is to help the bereaved siblings in the field of studies, social activities and more.

Recruitment Conference

As every year, a conference is held for the population accompanied by the array of casualties. The conference is intended for boys of bereaved families who are brothers and orphans of IDF martyrs.

Olga on the sea

Seminar 3 full days of sibling activities in workshops of, creation, dance, conversations with qualified therapists. At the seminar the brothers cooperate and are committed to getting into all the activities. The seminar is also for the brothers’ spouses, most of whom take an active part during the workshops. In cooperation with the IDF, the […]

Brothers Conference

In the month of December, on one of the days of Hanukkah, the brothers’ conference is held every year, the conference brings together brothers from all over the country. About 1000 brothers participate in the conference Each year a theme is chosen for the conference. Brothers tell about the brother and themselves from the day […]