Rebuilding shattered lives

Yad Labanim mission is to improve the well-being of the braved families whose loved ones have protected Israel and Jews worldwide

Discover their intimate stories, and how Yad Labanim touches their lives.

Their stories

They made the ultimate sacrifice. Now they turn their loss into an engine of hope and positivity. Read the moving stories of families who use their grief to power social change and improve their community.


Batsheva Kenigsberg

Batsheva’s brothers, Shlomo and Shimon Kenigsberg, were killed during the Six-Day War, while her son, Colonel Dror-Yitzchak Weinberg, staff commander in the elite special reconnaissance unit Sayeret Matkal, was killed in 2002.

sean carmeli

sean carmeli z"l

On Saturday, July 19th, 2014, Sean’s team entered the Sajaia refugee camp in Gaza, where he was shot from behind by a Hamas terrorist during a shootout. 24-year-old Max Steinberg of California was the second dual American-Israeli lone soldier who fell in battle that day.

eyal ben melech

Eyal Ben Melech

Eyal’s brother, Gili Ben Melech, was killed in 2002 while serving in the army. Eyal had also lost his oldest brother at the age of 9.

amichai itkis z"l

Meital Itkis

Meital lost two brothers during their army service. Barak, who died in 1998, was the captain of a Navy torpedo unit, and Amichai, a fighter pilot, died in 2010. 

Help bereaved families get the support they need, and be their driving force in moving forward in life